National Accreditation, NCARB: 
                                                                      National Council of Architectural Registration Boards*
                                                                Current Registrations: 
                                                                      Texas, Louisiana 

                                                             REALTOR ® /REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT: 
                                                                Licensed Broker, State of Texas*  (SFR, CRES, TAHS, AFH) 
                                                                   Member:  National, Texas and MetroTex Associations of Realtors
                                                             GENERAL CONTRACTOR: 
                                                                Previously held Louisiana licenses for Bryant Steel and Construction and for 
                                                                A.C. Copeland Enterprises (Popeyes Fried Chicken) 

LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY,  Bachelor of Architecture  

                                                            RICHARD J. BRYANT, Irving/Dallas/Highland Village, Texas 
                                                                  Private Practice since 1980 
                                                                        Architecture, Planning and Development, Construction Management 
                                                                        Real Estate Services: Commercial/Residential Brokerage, Site Selection 
                                                                           and Property Management 

                                                            RESTAURANT INDUSTRY, 1976-1980 
                                                                  KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, Louisville, Kentucky 
                                                                        Director, Architecture and Construction 
                                                                  POPEYES FAMOUS FRIED CHICKEN, New Orleans, Louisiana 
                                                                        Director, Architecture and Construction 
                                                                  GOLDEN SKILLET COMPANIES, Richmond, Virginia 
                                                                        Vice President, Architecture / Construction / Real Estate    

                                                            RICHARD J. BRYANT, AIA, Irving, Texas
                                                                  Private Practice, 1972-1976
                                                                        Architecture, Planning, Construction Management and Development 

                                                            ROBERT H. NORRIS, AIA, Dallas, Texas 
                                                                  Architect, 1971-1972 

                                                            HUNT PROPERTIES, Dallas, Texas 
                                                                  Corporate Architect, 1968-1971 

                                                            GOODWIN AND CAVITT, AIA, Dallas, Texas 
                                                                  Architect, 1967-1968 

                                                            HENNINGSON, DURHAM AND RICHARDSON, Dallas, Texas 
                                                                  Chief Architect, 1966-1967 

                                                            RICHARD J. BRYANT, AIA, Slidell, Louisiana 
                                                                  Private Practice, 1964-1966 

                                                            DARROW-THOMAS ASSOCIATES, Euless, Texas 
                                                                  Project Architect, 1963-1964


                                                            PRIVATE SECTOR PROJECTS: 
                                                                  Single and Multi-family Residential, Industrial Development, 
                                                                  Office Building, Restaurant, Tenant Improvement, Resort Development, 
                                                                  Manufacturing, Warehousing, Retail Outlet, Convenience Store, 
                                                                  Medical Office and Trucking Facility 

                                                                  Elementary and Secondary Schools, Airport Facility, 
                                                                  CBD Planning, Water Plant, Public Housing 


                                                            ENERGY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT 

                                                            WORK STATION/TASK ANALYSIS 

                                                                  Multi and Single-family Residential, Commercial, 
                                                                  Mixed-use, Resort, Industrial and Airport   
                                                                  Commercial, Industrial, Office and High-rise


                                                            THE ROCKWOOD GROUP / FIRST LEXINGTON CORPORATION: Dallas, Texas 
                                                                  National Headquarters and Manufacturing Facilities, Lancaster, Texas 
                                                                        Various Projects in Ohio, Maine, California and Texas 
                                                                  Services: Planning, Architecture, Construction Management, 
                                                                                    Facilities Management and Real Estate Consultation 

                                                            SOUTHLAND  CORPORATION: Baton Rouge, Louisiana 
                                                                  Retail outlets in Florida, Alabama and Georgia 
                                                                  Services: Site Planning 

                                                            A.C. COPELAND  ENTERPRISES: Jefferson, Louisiana 
                                                                  Five-Story (100,000 SF) Popeyes National Headquarters Building 
                                                                  Services: Design Development and Architecture / Space Planning Consultation 

                                                            RYDER  TRUCK   RENTALS: Dallas, Texas 
                                                                  Site Review (pre-purchase of existing facilities), Terminal project planning in 
                                                                        California, Arizona, and Kentucky, Facility remodels and zoning representation 
                                                                        in Texas and California, Two-Story Office Building, Farmers Branch, Texas 
                                                                  Services: Architecture, Real Estate Consultant, Permitting Services, Contractor 
                                                                                    Selection, Construction Management 

                                                            KAHLER  CORPORATION: Rochester, Minnesota 
                                                                  Green Oaks Inn, Fort Worth, Texas: Addition and Renovation 
                                                                  Services: Architecture and Construction Management 

                                                            ROSEWOOD  PROPERTIES: Dallas, Texas 
                                                                  Shopping Center, Plano, Texas: Land Plan revision 
                                                                  Services: Architecture, Site Planning 

                                                            HUNT  PROPERTIES: Dallas, Texas 
                                                                  Light commercial buildings, Manufacturing, Industrial and 
                                                                        Warehouse Facilities, Land Planning, 474-unit Apartment Project, 
                                                                        Shopping Centers, High-rise Tenant Development and Single-family residential 
                                                                  Services: Architecture, Planning and Construction Management 

                                                            KELCH  ENTERPRISES: DeSoto, Texas 
                                                                  Office Building, Land Planning, Single-family Residential 
                                                                  Services: Architecture, Planning and Development Consulting, 
                                                                                    and Construction Management 

                                                            PIERWOOD, INC.: De Soto, Texas
                                                                  HIDE-AWAY BAY RESORT: Lake Palestine, Tyler, Texas 
                                                                        Country Club and Restaurant, Golf, Tennis and Water Sports Facilities 
                                                                  Services: Land Planning and Architecture 

                                                            FARINA ENTERPRISES:  Irving, Texas
                                                                  PECAN ACRES: Corinth, Texas 
                                                                        172- Acre Commercial and Residential Community 
                                                                  Services: Planning, Zoning Representation, Inter-City Utility Development 
                                                                                    Coordinator (Corinth and Denton, Texas), Development of Initial 
                                                                                    City of Corinth Zoning Ordinance 

                                                            CENTENNIAL PROPERTIES: Dallas, Texas 
                                                                  Apartment projects: Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri and Utah and a 
                                                                        mixed-use Residential/Commercial Development in Tampa, Florida    
                                                                  Services: Architecture and Planning 

                                                            MR. JIM HOUSE: Dallas, Texas 
                                                                  Development of Modular Housing Concept 
                                                                  Services: Concept Development 

                                                            RICK BESSE AND ASSOCIATES: Dallas, Texas 
                                                                  Land Planning, Albuquerque, New Mexico       
                                                                  Services: Planning and Architectural Concepts 

                                                            HERTZ EQUIPMENT RENTAL: Parsippany, New Jersey 
                                                                  Facility planning in Texas, Site Selection/Acquisition 
                                                                        Location Disposal in Texas (Broker) 
                                                                  Services: Architecture, Real Estate Consultant 

                                                            RESTAURANTS: Located in Most States 
                                                                        Architecture, Site Selection, Concepts, Construction Management, 
                                                                        Contractor Selection and Negotiation, Code Adaptation
                                                                        and/or Permitting and Zoning Representation 

                                                                  KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN: Louisville, Kentucky 
                                                                        Outlets in most of the States 
                                                                        Services: Architecture, Re-design of prototype restaurant, Architecture and 
                                                                                          Construction Management, Modular Development Program, 
                                                                                          Energy Conservation Program,  Code Adaptation, Site Planning, 
                                                                                          Zoning and Governmental Entity Representation    

                                                                  POPEYES FAMOUS FRIED CHICKEN: New Orleans, Louisiana 
                                                                        Outlets in numerous States 
                                                                        Services:  Architecture, Re-design of Prototype Restaurant, Site Development
                                                                                        Planning, Modular Building Development Program, Energy
                                                                                        Conservation Program, Interior Decor Development, Station/Task 
                                                                                        Studies, Equipment Development Program, Contractor Selection 
                                                                                        and Negotiation, Site Selection, Construction Management,
                                                                                        In-line and Remodel Development Program 

                                                                  GOLDEN SKILLET FRIED CHICKEN: Richmond, Virginia 
                                                                        Outlets in several States 
                                                                        Services: Basic Restaurant Design Re-development, Franchise Development 
                                                                                          Consultation, Site Selection, Modular Building, Remodel, Energy and 
                                                                                          Equipment Manufacturing Programs 

                                                                  DUNKIN' DONUTS of America, Inc.: Randolph, Massachusetts 
                                                                        Retail Outlets in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Georgia and Arizona 
                                                                        Services: Architecture (Remodels/Image Enhancement), Permitting Services, 
                                                                                          Contractor Selection and Construction Management 

                                                                  TGI FRIDAY'S: Dallas, Texas 
                                                                        Units in California and Ohio (Joint Ventures) 
                                                                        Services: Architecture (Construction Documents) 

                                                                  TACO BELL: Dallas, Texas 
                                                                        Franchisee Facilities 
                                                                        Services: Architecture and Site Planning 

                                                                  WENDY'S HAMBURGERS: Columbus, Ohio 
                                                                        Company and Franchisee Units 
                                                                        Services: Architecture and Franchisee Site Selection Program 
                                                                                          Developed a frame-building concept

                                                                  LONG JOHN SILVER'S: Lexington, Kentucky 
                                                                        Site Development Plans in several Texas locations 
                                                                        Services: Site Planning 

                                                                  ZANTIGO MEXICAN-AMERICAN RESTAURANT (KFC): Louisville, Kentucky 
                                                                        Outlets in several States 
                                                                        Services: Concept Re-development, Architecture, Site Planning and 
                                                                                          Construction Management

                                                                  H. SALT SEAFOOD GALLEY (KFC): Louisville, Kentucky 
                                                                        Outlets in several States 
                                                                        Services: Concept Re-development, Architecture and Site Planning 

                                                                  BOJANGLE'S (Tex-Bo, Inc.): Dallas, Texas 
                                                                        Franchise Units in Metroplex Area 
                                                                        Services: Architecture and Construction Contracting, Site Planning, 
                                                                                          Code Adaptation, Zoning Representation, Permitting Services,    
                                                                                          Real Estate Consultation, Remodel Program 

                                                                  OLDWEST CAFE: Grapevine Texas 
                                                                        Sole Proprietor Units also in Denton and Sanger, Texas 
                                                                        Services:  Architecture - Restaurant Conversion

                                                                  DR. and MRS. RONNIE FRANCIS: Slidell, Louisiana 
                                                                        Veterinarian Clinic Project, Personal Residence 
                                                                        Services: Architecture and Construction Management 

                                                                  MR. CECIL WOOD: Slidell, Louisiana 
                                                                        Residence: Pontchartrain Lake Island 
                                                                        Services: Architecture and Construction Management 

                                                                  MR. BILL WEAVER: Lewisville, Texas 
                                                                        Office Building 
                                                                        Services: Architecture 

                                                                  MR. and MRS. DALTON DYESS: Lake Charles, LA and La Porte, TX 
                                                                        Personal Residence and Personal Residence Addition 
                                                                        Services: Architecture 

                                                                  MOUNT ZION BAPTIST CHURCH: Lake Charles, Louisiana 
                                                                        Church Remodel 
                                                                        Services: Architecture 

                                                                  DR. LOU GRUSH: Slidell, Louisiana
                                                                        Commercial Development Project 
                                                                        Services: Planning

                                                                  CITY OF BORGER, Texas 
                                                                        Design of Water Plant 
                                                                        HDR, inc., Architects/Engineers 

                                                                  CITY OF DALLAS, Texas 
                                                                        Love Field (Southwest Airmotive) 
                                                                        Office Building, Plane Hangers, Site Planning 
                                                                        Goodwin and Cavitt, AIA, Architects 

                                                                  DALLAS INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                                                        Skyline High School 
                                                                        Goodwin and Cavitt, AIA, Architects 

                                                                  CITY OF HIGHLAND PARK, Texas: 
                                                                        Addition to Hyer Elementary School 
                                                                        Goodwin and Cavitt, AIA, Architects 

                                                                        Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Colorado and Missouri 
                                                                        Stanley Brown, AIA, Architect 
                                                                  AIRSCO, INC.: Dallas, Texas 
                                                                        Office and Manufacturing Facility 
                                                                        Services: Architecture and Compliance Inspection 
                                                                        Robert H. Norris, AIA, Architect

                                                                  *National Council of Architectural Registration Boards:  
                                                                                    Certification No. 6000
                                                                  *Architect Emeritus:  
                                                                                     Texas License No.  3601
                                                                                     Louisiana License No.  1018
                                                                  *Real Estate Broker:   
                                                                                     Texas License No.  0198547
                                                                  HIGHLAND VILLAGE, TEXAS:
                                                                           Planning and Zoning Commission, 2007-2013
                                                                                Chairman, 2012-2013
                                                                           Zoning Board of Adjustments, 2002-2006
                                                                  IRVING, TEXAS
                                                                           Charter member, Construction Appeals Board, 1996-1998

                                                                  SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE:
                                                                           Mayor's PROJECT PLAN Committee, 1997-1998

                                                                  EULESS, TEXAS:
                                                                           Presenter, Academic Career Program, 1963-1964
                                                                  HURST/EULESS,BEDORD, TEXAS:
                                                                           Industrial Development Board, 1963-64